About Us

About Us

Photos By CPat was founded with the concept that simply because someone is on a budget, that should not mean that they should sacrifice quality photography by talented professionals.  We understand that photography is a skill and a profession, and we also realize that great photography is bred out of passion for creating art. 

We have a downhome concept that when we work with our client, it's because we want to be there, and because we feel a calling to that particular session.  We carefully screen all of our clients in order to make sure that they are a good match for our photographers. We also work with our photographers to make sure that the photo project that you hire us for is something that we will be able to complete while exceeding all expectations.

As with any art, photography has many facets, and because of that, we are always looking at the possibility of expanding our team with new frontiers in photography. If you are a photographer and you are interested in being considered as an addition to our team, please feel free to contact us at the link on the bottom of this page.


Chris Paterson

The boss lady of the company, CPat.

Birthday: February 17

Grew Up In: Boston, MA and Seattle, WA

Favorite Food: A great steak!

At the Bar I Order: A really great Cabernet Sauvignon

In my Spare Time I: am outside whenever possible.  I love fishing and four-wheeling.

Top 3 Bucket List Items:

  1. Zipline in Costa Rica
  2. Tour Europe
  3. Get a Passport

John Escobedo

The tech-nerd, "Tony Stark" of the company, Photographer

Birthday: October 4

Grew Up In: Orlando, FL 

Favorite Food: Pizza, Steak and Seafood

At the Bar I Order: Disaronno on the rocks

In my Spare Time I: Enjoy saltwater fishing, hanging with friends and family, and working on my car

Top 3 Bucket List Items:

  1. Own a Ferrari by 30
  2. Become a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer
  3. Fire a Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle.

Kate Van Wie

Social Media Maven, Photographer

Birthday: August 11

Grew Up In: Schaghticoke, New York

Favorite Food: Lobster & Chicken Marsala

At the Bar I Order: Angry Orchard or a Strawberry & Mint Mojito

In my Spare Time I: I am working on my degree in criminal justice. I love to be out on the water, and I love being with my friends and family whenever possible!

Top 3 Bucket List Items:

  1. Go kayaking on the Sydney Harbor, in Australia
  2. Go take a tour of France.
  3. Own a teacup piglet.

Associate Photographers

Tanya Stiffler

Based Out of: Port Orange, FL

Birthday: August 1

Grew Up In: Central Florida

At the bar I order: Gentleman Jack over ice

In my spare time: Wrangle rare breed chickens and take Tai Chi

Photography Style: Wedding, Landscape, Travel and Black & White

Available for Travel: Passport in hand!

Top 3 bucket lists for photography:
1. Wheels up! Shoot the northern lights.
2. Native Americans in full regalia
3. My daughter en pointe on a rooftop.

Are You an Aspiring Photographer?